Our Story




Founded in 2021 by myself, Annicken Lie, the idea behind the concept of Agoravera was born due to my passion and enthusiasm for creating a platform fit for the contemporary conscious consumer who wants to act sustainably.

With my devotion for the classical disciplines of arts, music and the written word, combined with a desire to search for the remote and unknown gems of our vibrant world, Agoravera is my tribute to my grandmother Vera.

As a daughter in a Norwegian shipping family, Vera was fortunate as a young woman to travel the world at slow pace at a time when countries and cultures demonstrated their characteristics to a much greater extent than today. Being truly an exceptional and inspirational woman, she reflected and transmitted to others the impulses of the world she had explored. 

What Vera also shared with those around her was her continuous love for the Greek island Hydra where she had her holiday home and I spent many vacations. The agora is every visitor’s first encounter with Hydra, and its powerfulness never seem to cease. Being the core of the city, and the base of the most seamlessly designed amphitheatre, it continues to provide the assembly point for trade, as well as the artistic, spiritual and political life in the city, as the agoras in Greece have done since ancient times.

Though Vera travelled the world, the agora of Hydra provided a life-long allure which continued to draw her back. This allure was conveyed to me, and it is my wish through Agoravera to share the impulses and inspiration from the agora with our customers, as my grandmother did to me. The name Vera means genuine and true. With these values in mind Agoravera therefore aims to provide a true and genuine meeting place where items and experiences inspired by genuine and timeless qualities will be presented to you.