Resale of Personal Items on Consignment

Agoravera wants to contribute to sustainable consumption and be a facilitator for the circular economy selling for you objects within several categories like: clothing, accessories, jewelry, books, art and furnitures - be it modern or antique.


How does it work?

When you sell with us, it is done on consignment. This means that you will subsequently be paid for the goods that have been sold.

After a prior Face-Time consultation with us you register as a customer in connection with your first submission. We select the goods and they are photographed in your home or in our studio and priced by us in consultation with you. We only sell genuine products that we believe fit our range.
The goods are presented on our web-shop - and eventually in our showroom or other suitable premises for two months. 

Payment to you is made on request, at the earliest 35 days after the item is sold (this to make room for any web returns) by payment to your bank account. As a seller you will receive receive a commission rate between 40% and 60% of the product's net sales price, depending on the value of the item, and our agreement on how to present it. You can choose to get your commission payment transferred to your bank account or leave in our store as a store credit.

To book a Face-Time consultation please contact us by e-mail: