Liberty Fabrics


 Liberty was founded on 1875 by Arthur Lasenby after receiving a loan from his future father-in-law. He took on a building in Regent Street, London with just three dedicated staff and plenty of ambition.

Liberty's collection of ornaments, fabric and objets d'art from around the world proved irresistible to a society intoxicated at the time by Japan and the East and Liberty effected social change in interior design and dress, so much so that the Art Nouveau period in Italy is called 'Liberty Style'. Within eighteen months the loan was repaid.



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Tana Lawn Cotton is a one the cotton fabrics of Liberty, and it is built by obsession, perfected into a modern masterpiece of production through a bespoke process that has evolved over a century. Printed in their own Liberty Printing Mill in northern Italy, Tana realises unmatchable fluidity with a silk-like touch, unique print quality and striking colour vibrancy. Machine washable and durable enough for daily wear, it is perfect for both simple separates and spectacular statement pieces.


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